Movie Haiku - by René of Twincruiser

Here is where favorite films and classic movie masterpieces meet the powerful form of Japanese short poetry. Although my method of haiku is a bit bastardized compared to the more spiritually significant way of making these poems, I still hope you are able to get a kick out of them. Oh...and if you don't know what haiku is, I suggest you look it up on the internet, pronto! You won't understand these unless you've seen the movies so check them out as well...that is, if you haven't done so already. All sway to the strength of summary!


The Godfather
Timeless masterpiece
It’s the source of all wisdom
Bravo Coppola!
Tony Montana
Hates frigging Columbians
But the world is yours

Pulp Fiction

Jules is the shepherd
This is a tasty burger
What’s in the briefcase?

The Usual Suspects

Kobayashi mug
Kujan drops and is in awe
The devil tricked him

Full Metal Jacket

Private Gomer Pyle
Gave 'Kubrick stare' before kill
In a world of shit

Blade Runner

Replicants to earth
Rick Deckard investigates
Hunter or Hunted?

American Beauty
I am dead already
Hey Les, you got a minute?
For you, I’ve got five

The Roman Empire
Weak son murders poor father
No strength and honor

Star Wars: A New Hope

Princess in distress
Young Boy thinks he can help out
Villain kills master

The Lord of the Rings
Gollum is tricksy
Sauron also wants the One
Hobbits save the world

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Master reappears
Great warrior guides boy now
Villain is father

Scots moon the English
They’ll never take our freedom
Warrior poets

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Great warrior dies
Man, not boy, must beat father
Complicated soap

Fight Club
Norton at office
Damn, he does haiku as well
First rule is sacred

The Incredibles

The Glory Days gone
Family life difficult
It's time to engage!

Apocalypse Now
Shit, still in Saigon
I love the smell of napalm
Smells like victory

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